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What is Healing?

by | Aug 28, 2023 | Healing | 0 comments

What is Healing?

There are many aspects to healing, which for me is about re-storing balance, in the body-mind-spirit relationship.

The human body has the capacity to heal itself because it is self-regulating and if its natural processes are not inhibited or suppressed ~ it attempts to re-gain stasis.

Because we are essentially energetic beings connected to everything around us, what can inhibit us from maintaining this stasis are our own internal states (e.g. mental and emotional), and external influences (e.g. in our relationships, life-style and environment).

Like many complementary therapies ~ healing (energetic healing) is an holistic approach ~ an offering which at its purest, has no expectations. But, there can be an impact or effect, seen on many levels e.g. there can be symptom or pain relief, an emotional release that discharges feelings, clarity of thought, a change in perception or attitude … but probably the most important, is the spiritual re-connection and sense of ‘coming home’ that people experience when they are ‘held’ in a healing energy because it is then that they can feel a deep sense of peace, and connection to their own soul wisdom.

For some, healing is quite straight forward but not easy to understand, until you have experienced it. I suggest, that healing is about ‘making us whole’ ~ a process that re-connects us at one level to our innate well-being, and at another, strengthens that connection to who we really are.


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People are saying

Mark is my go-to safe space. I can share my hidden worries with him. I can rely on his spiritual knowledge and sound judgement.
Sarah, Birmingham

I had contacted a number of healers because I have experience and an interest in this field. Mark made sense and you could see he knew what he was talking about. He explained about what medication can do to the aura. He did the healing and I felt so much better. I will pass his name onto others.
Kevin, Canada