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Healing & Occult Healing

Occult Healing, what is psychic healing?
Occult Healing, what is psychic healing?

What does Occult refer to?

Spiritually, Occult refers to the hidden forces, laws, and dynamics that govern our Universe. These are, in turn, supported by Energies commonly referred to as ~ Gods & Goddesses, Devas, Higher Beings, and Archetypes ~ which I work with to carry out the healing.

What is Healing?

Healing is an offering, with the aim of creating balance at different levels ~ spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

What is an Occult Healer?
An Occult Healer is someone who:

  • Is trained to focus on the cause of an imbalance ~ from a spiritual perspective.
  • Understands the knock-on effect at other levels ~ when carrying out the healing.
  • Has no expectations or agendas ~ regarding the healing itself, or outcome.
  • Has a safe practice ~ that comes from a place of, do no harm.
  • Wants to be the clearest channel s/he can be ~ to promote balance.

In addition, s/he:

  • Works from the highest ~ for the greatest good of all concerned.
  • Has a strong connection to his/her Spirit ~ and can communicate with that.
  • Understands psychic energy, psychism, and its polarities + and −.
  • Has significantly developed his/her aura ~ and energetic muscles.
  • Understands Universal Laws ~ and their roles.
  • Is spiritually developed and aware enough ~ to invoke, communicate with, control, and direct Archetypal Energies.

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People are saying

My country was at war and for many years things started happening. The house was not right and I was interfered with. Mark looked and explained. I feel better and am more confident, now I understand things better (google translate).
Jasmina, Bosnia

I contacted Mark though another website. He had worked with a friend in another country. I could not get right in my energy. Mark said it had to do with grounding. I was too open to what was around. I received healing and then he showed me what to do, so I was safe in meditation and reiki.
Ibis, UAE