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Right Hand Path, Left Hand Path.

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Right Hand Path, Left Hand Path.

This post expands what is outlined on this website, in order to provide further context.

There are two paths regarding Healing and the Occult:

  • RHP = working with the natural flow of the universe, in a healthy, creative, expansive, open manner ~ from a place of love if you are able / so inclined ~ Thy Will Be Done.
  • LHP = working against the natural flow of the universe, in a way that causes harm, divides, limits, closes and destroys in the long term ~ from a place of ego and potentially, evil ~ my will be done.

And any path is defined by our behaviour, how we use our abilities ~ our motivation and purpose.

Is there anything bad about LHP?

  • In theory, no (because it exists in juxtaposition to the RHP).
  • But in practical terms, yes …

Because should we pursue a LHP, our personal shadow and The Shadow, invariably accompany us (I will expand on our shadow and The Shadow in a future post under Archetypes). And while The Shadow ‘just is’, and we all have a personal shadow ~ both are by their very nature, self-serving and limiting (think of an inward flowing spiral, sucking downwards and consuming what gets caught in its vortex ~ as the vortex grows, it needs more to feed itself).

I will add though, that Universally, The Shadow seeks balance with The Source, The Ultimate from which all things are created ~ because spiritually and energetically:

  • Both paths exist as polarities in our Universe …
  • For balance to be maintained in our Universe.

Having said that, we do not need to choose the LHP or feed The Shadow for that balance to be sought. Many cultures through the ages have acknowledged this balance safely, recognising the LHP and its presence ~ ‘containing’ the LHP and what it represents. Today however, much of that has (exoterically) been lost.

So, there is a need at this time, to safely walk the RHP where we are able, quietly and with integrity, with no fanfare or grand proclamations ~ in order to support Gaia and Her transition. This can happen at a physical level re: waste, re-cycling and pollution for example. And at a spiritual level for example, by strengthening our connection to our own spiritual nature, to guide us re: our own balance.

I wish you well on your journey.


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Mark is my go-to safe space. I can share my hidden worries with him. I can rely on his spiritual knowledge and sound judgement.
Sarah, Birmingham

I had contacted a number of healers because I have experience and an interest in this field. Mark made sense and you could see he knew what he was talking about. He explained about what medication can do to the aura. He did the healing and I felt so much better. I will pass his name onto others.
Kevin, Canada