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Ongoing Development and Supervision


Development and Supervision are tailored for individuals and groups, reflecting the balance between what the client requests and what will help the client move forward.

This means speaking about the client’s knowledge and understanding, his/her energetic make-up, what is safe, and expectations.

I am offering:

  • Appropriate preparation and protection.
  • Help to identify where you are at on the psychic-spiritual spectrum.
  • How to work with your own spiritual nature.
  • How to use your discernment and inner knowing.
  • How to integrate your inner-work and self-healing.
  • How to maintain your balance between the human and spiritual.
  • Help to identify what next.

It is not uncommon to talk about your experiences and history of:

  • Psychism, mediumship, healing, and what is spiritual.
  • Meditation and inner-work.
  • Healers and healing groups.
  • Guides and Energies.
  • Self-healing

I want you to have:

  • Appropriate and clear information.
  • A deeper understanding and awareness of the balance between knowledge, practice, and wisdom.
  • A focus for where you are at, and where you are going.

Which can lead to, for example:

  • Changes in behaviour.
  • Re-visiting inner-work.
  • Identifying appropriate guides and their purpose.
  • Developing safely at psychic and spiritual levels.
  • Ensuring a safe meditation practice.
  • Strengthening your connection to your spiritual nature.

Phrases like, Who we are, is as important as what we do and The therapist, not the therapy act as reference points we return to time and again when establishing a healthy balance between the human and spiritual ~ that enables us to develop in our own unique way, aligned with our own Spirit and karma.

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People are saying

Mark is my go-to safe space. I can share my hidden worries with him. I can rely on his spiritual knowledge and sound judgement.
Sarah, Birmingham

I had contacted a number of healers because I have experience and an interest in this field. Mark made sense and you could see he knew what he was talking about. He explained about what medication can do to the aura. He did the healing and I felt so much better. I will pass his name onto others.
Kevin, Canada