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Meditation ~ dizzy, high, spinning …

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Meditation, Psychism | 0 comments

Dizzy, high, spinning, ‘not really here’, ‘out of it’  ~ these describe what happens to some people after meditating ~ and is more likely to happen, if the meditator is naturally ‘yin’ (feminine) in his/her psychism.

What I mean is, all of us are predominantly:

  • Yin, or
  • Yang

… in our psychism i.e. we have a psychic polarity in each lifetime =

  • Mediumistic (receptive)
  • Healer (active)

… which has nothing to do with our biology, gender, or personality traits. But is to do with our natural energetic make-up (aura).

What this means, is that if you are naturally yin, you may not find it easy to ‘hold your energy’ when you meditate, so you can:

  • float off or merge / blend with your environment
  • find yourself outside of your physical body
  • spin

And if you sit in a heightened energy in your meditation, and you are not doing any healing / balancing / self-awareness work re: your human issues ~ there can be a greater imbalance as you try to ‘align’ and ‘ground’ (or for some, come back into their physical body).

Over time, this feels normal after meditating but probably isn’t because you are not grounded (it’s just that this has become the norm) and can lead to you becoming, for example:

  • clumsy
  • forgetful
  • overly tired
  • unfocused
  • woozy
  • not motivated
  • there can also be physiological influences caused by the meditation e.g. low blood pressure, depending on your discipline and practice.

The answer is to develop your ‘yang’ psychism as well ~ and find a good balance between the two (yin-yang) ~ by doing for example:

  • yang meditations
  • using appropriate symbols
  • walking in nature
  • learning to ground with breathing exercises
  • using appropriate visualisations
  • developing safe energetic techniques (with support from someone who is strong energetically and understands the dynamics).

And if necessary, learn to protect yourself psychically and energetically ~ depending on your technique and meditating environment. It can help in the grounding and staying-here / coming-back part of meditation.


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