how to remove negative energy from home and spirit attachment

Healing Cases


What kinds of cases are you asked to look at?

They include:

  • Interference and attacks ~ psychically and spiritually.
  • Discarnate Spirits, Beings, and Entities ~ who disrupt, disturb, or are displaced.
  • The Natural World ~ the elements and elementals.
  • Land, Homes, and Buildings.

Put more simply, earthbound spirits (ghosts), attachments, possessions, psychic activity, and links; including spiritual disruption, malevolent spirits, and imbalances or harm towards the planet and our environment.


Is the healing 1:1?

The client does not have to be physically in the room with me during the healing sessions and I do not have to physically visit a house or property. We refer to this form of healing, as absent or distant healing. However, I regularly do the spiritual work while the client is online with me.


How do you know the healing has worked?

There is often a ‘measurable’ benefit for the client or place, which can be visible over time, or immediately evident.

Clients’ feedback depends on how sensitive and aware they are ~ and includes everything on a spectrum from: I feel better, The fear has gone, My house is peaceful; to clients occasionally saying, I haven’t noticed it as much as others, who tell me I’m back to normal.


Will I get feedback?

Yes. I will ~ with discernment ~ explain what I see, at what level(s), offer my perception of what was/is going on, and what I will do next. If appropriate, I will also explain what the client can do to prevent it from happening again, or if the client needs to develop / integrate / address an aspect of their being, or behaviour.


How many healings/sessions are required?

Often, it is between one and three sessions. If there is something the client wants to look at or is being prompted to heal, it can be arranged accordingly.


Can you help me, or someone I think, needs your help?

I can only work with people and places I have permission to work with. This means, the person involved must ask for the healing and/or the owner of a property, land or building has given their permission. I cannot offer healing to anyone who does not know I have been asked.


There are also cases where additional factors are identified and might need addressing, relating to when the activity started, how deep it goes and if, for example:

  • Shock or trauma is involved.
  • There is a karmic or past life aspect/connection.
  • The client is a psychic/medium/healer not working safely.
  • The client has already been or is seeing other healers.
  • The client’s inner child is involved.
  • There is an unconscious process regarding the client, contributing to the activity.
  • There is ego, pride, or arrogance on the part of the client, and desire to control.
  • The client has an unhealthy / unbalanced attachment to a belief, teaching, or guru.
  • There is a spiritual lesson / initiation.
  • There is appropriate protection.

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People are saying

I was depressed and unmotivated. Mark worked with me for a few weeks. Transformed – and many, many things have changed in my life since. I recommend Mark to people who want to grow.
Pieter, Holland

It was difficult to find someone who could explain what was going on. Funny things happening on the property and in the house. People scared too. Mark sorted it out and I am very grateful as we are back to normal.
Robbie, South Africa