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I aim to respond to communications within 48 hours. Please see below for how to make contact.

There is a strong need for trust whether the client wants healing or ongoing development.

Regarding mental illness, drug or alcohol use, addiction, or medical supervision/therapy ~ there must be a conversation and agreement regarding professional boundaries, and what I am able/unable to offer.

Thank you for visiting my website.

You can contact me for a free 15-minute chat if you are looking for more information, or want to engage my services.

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People are saying

If you want to learn and grow, heal safely, meditate safely, ground, centre and balance, with someone who will be honest, then Mark will teach you.

Student, UK

I have known Mark for over two decades, and in that time, Mark has been instrumental in helping me move forward. He has given me healing, my house and property, and offered advice on psychic activity and black magic within my community. He has never let me down and lets me know what’s safe to do, and not do. Thank you.

Manraj, Midlands