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About Me

“For me, spiritual health is as important as our physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing.”

I was not aware of this in my mid-twenties however, when all doors closed and the only ones that subsequently opened, were spiritual.

From the start, there was psychic activity and if it had not been for those older, wiser, and more experienced than myself ~ I would not be here today. They offered me reference points, grounded in safe practice and wisdom, that emphasised the need for balance in all things.

As a soul who has experienced both paths, healing and the occult have been part of my spiritual journey through many lifetimes ~ but I knew that in this life, my natural healing abilities would not be enough to navigate the challenges, pitfalls, and distractions of the healing world. Self-healing, meditation, discipline, discernment, and study have been necessary for me to move forward. 

Consequently, this led me to: 

  • Tutor accredited Healing Courses in the community and Adult Colleges.
  • Facilitate Healing and Meditation groups.
  • Run a private Healing and Counselling practice.
  • Work with Care, Charity, and Education bodies ~ in the community, voluntary, public, and private sectors.
  • Speak at national conferences, run workshops, give public talks, write articles for colleagues, coach & mentor, appear on local radio and in local press.
Mark Lambert - Spirit Attachment & Release, Energy Healing

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People are saying

Such an interesting experience. Never asked for healing before, let alone occult healing. I thought what was happening was one thing, and without going into detail, Mark looked and it was something else. He said what he saw and it made sense. I was shocked and then felt like a different person. Thank you.
Nancy, USA

I am a healer and have known Mark for over 15 years. He has given me a lot of healing over the years, clearing and balancing, and I personally feel I have benefited most from Mark’s presence, honesty, consistency, and trustworthiness. He has taught me a lot about healing and helped me develop. I always finish feeling more connected to myself and my Spirit, and that everything is OK.
Debbie, England